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Boost reading comprehension with this powerful combination of assessment and instruction

These new, updated editions of the popular best-sellers CARS & STARS Plus expand on the research-proven success of the earlier series to make boosting your students’ reading comprehension with targeted instruction in the core strategies even easier.

Welcome to the CARS & STARS Plus Reading and Comprehension Program

The comprehensive CARS & STARS Plus program consists of ten levels (P–H) that allow you to identify and teach twelve reading and comprehension strategies, and improve literacy results. The program is divided into two parts: CARS (the assessment portion) and STARS (the instruction portion). Each CARS & STARS Plus level consists of both a student book and a teacher guide. Play the videos below for a short introduction to the CARS & STARS Plus Reading Comprehension Program.

The research-based Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategies (CARS Plus) Series helps you quickly identify which of the 12 standards-based reading comprehension strategies your students might be struggling to understand. Informed by this data, you can then provide students with targeted instruction depending on each student’s individual needs by using STARS Plus. Using the results of the CARS Plus pretest, you target instruction on the essential reading comprehension strategies with the highly-scaffolded, five-part lessons in STARS Plus.

'The 5-Step Process'
How to implement and assess CARS & STARS

Step 1

The Placement Book

Step 2

Diagnose with CARS® Plus

Step 3

Instruct with STARS® Plus

Step 4

Benchmark with CARS® Plus

Step 5

Assess mastery with CARS® Plus