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A unique blend of assessment and instruction, this powerful program teaches the fundamental maths skills students need to move on to the next year level and to become independent problem solvers.

First published in 2006, the updated “Plus” version has been completely re-written and re-designed to focus on fundamental maths skills at each year level. It includes maths content relevant to Australian schools, a new extra practice series (Solve) and interactive whiteboard lessons. It has also been aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Welcome to the CAMS Plus, STAMS Plus & Solve Mathematical Program

CAMS Plus, STAMS Plus & Solve is a comprehensive year-long program. CAMS is the assessment portion, STAMS is the instruction and Solve is extra practice. STAMS and Solve teacher guides provide links to interactive whiteboard lessons that accompany each lesson. CAMS Plus student assessment results can be entered on forms provided in teacher guides or in the CAMS & STAMS Online: Reporting Tool software.

'The 5-Step Process'
How to implement and assess CAMS Plus, STAMS Plus & Solve

Step 1

The Placement Book

Step 2

Diagnose with CAMS® Plus

Step 3

Instruct with STAMS® Plus

Step 4

Benchmark with Solve

Step 5

Assess mastery with CAMS® Plus