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Welcome to the BRIGANCE Family of Products

For almost 50 years, educators have trusted the BRIGANCE® family of assessment, screening and instructional tools to help them meet the needs of their students. With the Inventory of Early Development III and the Early Childhood Screens III, the BRIGANCE program is more comprehensive than ever before.


Based on the life’s work of Albert H Brigance, an author and special education resource specialist, the multi-faceted BRIGANCE family of products are a unique set of assessment, screening and instructional tools to help educators meet the needs of their students at every level.

Divided into two broad categories, Early Childhood and Special Education, the BRIGANCE series offers educators, specialists and others a comprehensive look at the development of students from pre-school through to adulthood.

Albert H Brigance

Help children develop the skills they need to succeed in school. The BRIGANCE Early Childhood family of products helps screen children, monitor progress, plan developmentally appropriate instruction and ensure that each child is prepared for their foundation year.

(0–35 months, 3–5 years, Foundation & Year 1)

Identify developmental needs quickly and accurately. The BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screens allow teachers to easily identify potential learning delays and giftedness in language, motor, self-help, social-emotional and cognitive skills – all in 10–15 minutes per child.

(birth–7 years and 11 months)

Easily monitor individual progress toward common early learning standards or foundations and plan developmentally appropriate, individualised instruction. The comprehensive, user-friendly BRIGANCE Early Childhood Developmental Inventory provides teachers with a flexible, valid and reliable ongoing assessment of school-readiness skills.


(3–7 years)

Build school readiness with these fun, easy-to-plan developmental activities. The BRIGANCE Readiness Activities link to the assessment in the BRIGANCE Screens and Developmental Inventories to provide instruction and practice in key school readiness skills.

The BRIGANCE family of assessment and instructional tools has been helping special educators meet the needs of exceptional students for more than 30 years. Today we continue to offer solutions that help you serve your students in the best way possible.

(birth–developmental age 7 years)

Determine present level of performance and develop and track measurable IEP goals and objectives with the BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Development – Special Education. This easy-to-use tool also includes Comprehensive Skill Sequences, which break down skills into incremental steps, allowing educators to show growth for lower-functioning students.

(Pre-F–9 Skill Levels)

Measure academic achievement and monitor student strengths and needs to set education goals and support IEP writing. Based on 30 years of research and experience in special education, the BRIGANCE Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills (CIBS) II is a comprehensive assessment tool.

(middle years and high school)

The BRIGANCE Transition Skills Inventory (TSI) and Transition Skills Activities (TSA) help educators easily assess independent living, employment and additional post-secondary skills to support transition planning for middle years and high school students.

Online Management System

Specially designed from the ground up for maximum compatibility, the BRIGANCE Online Management System works seamlessly with BRIGANCE products to streamline the process of data management and reporting. The OMS allows users to determine PLOP/PLAAFP, support IEP writing with specific goals and objectives, track student and group progress, and identify recommended instructional tools and Readiness Activities based on inventory assessment results. Easy-to-read reports make it easy to share information with administrators, teachers and parents.

BRIGANCE Online Management System