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Use data to developing thriving learning communities in the classroom and school-wide.

Teachers and leaders know that data can be a powerful aid in driving student learning and change in schools, but are often left without guidance when it comes to which data to collect, how to analyse it and when and where to use it.

Our data in schools professional learning services will demonstrate how understanding and using data effectively can not only transform classrooms but transform entire schools communities.

Based on Dr Selena Fisk's two best-selling books Using and analysing data in Australian schools and Leading data-informed change in schools, we will bring specific, classroom-tested strategies and tips straight to your school, featuring real examples taken from common data sources — as well as incorporating data from your own students.

Workshops and In-School Support Services

Rely on our qualified experts and authors to help you develop and deepen your data in schools knowledge. We will help you move your teachers — and your classroom — ahead in knowledge, understanding and skill.

  • Workshops and interactive webinars
  • In-School Support

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Thinking & Learning Direct Impact Sessions

Using data as an aid to provide targeted teaching and learning experiences for students with Dr Selena Fisk

In this online professional learning session, teachers will consider the types of data that they have available and discover how they can use historical standardised and in-school data to plan targeted activities to maximise student learning. This session is best suited to teachers looking for ways to make the most of the data they have and further enhance their knowledge of student skill and understanding to inform their practice.

Learning outcomes

  • Reflect on and triangulate the information available.
  • Plan targeted teaching and learning activities based on strengths and gaps in the data.
  • Identify goals for individuals and small groups within a class.
  • Backward-map formative tasks from summative tasks to collect relevant and specific data that can inform teaching practice.

Contact us today to discuss how our professional learning solutions can transform your school.


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