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A framework for planning and structuring curriculum, assessment and instruction in the classroom.

Understanding by Design® (UbD) is the work of author and educational practitioner Jay McTighe.

Understanding by Design® (UbD) is an internationally-recognised framework for improving student achievement. It focuses on the importance of the teacher as a designer of student learning. Its key ideas are:

  1. a focus on teaching and assessing for understanding and learning transfer; and
  2. designing curriculum backwards from that focus.

Understanding by Design® (UbD) is guided by the joining together of evidence from two streams: theoretical research in cognitive psychology and the results of student achievement studies. The framework offers a three-stage backward design process aligning curriculum goals, essential questions, skills and understandings with assessment and powerful learning experiences and instruction.

Workshops and In-School Support Services

Suggested formats:

  • One-day introductory workshop that provides educators with tools and templates specific to the Understanding by Design® model.
  • Two consecutive days for a thorough overview of all session outcomes.
  • Multiple one-day sessions to go deeper with individual session outcomes.
  1. Workshop
  • Use essential questions to frame curriculum and focus on ‘big ideas’
  • Translate the Australian Curriculum into a teachable curriculum
  • Engage learners in meaningful application of learning through authentic tasks
  • Use six facets of understanding and apply selected design tools to create higher levels of performance for students
  1. In-school Coaching Support – refine and embed Understanding by Design® to transform curriculum and teaching across a school or system. Our training associates work with schools and teams to deepen understandings and refine practices based on specific needs.
  1. Webinars - a 60–90-minute interactive video session based on the principles of Understanding by Design®.
  1. Keynotes - Keynotes can focus on one or more themes from the work of Understanding by Design® as a springboard to further learning.

Who should attend?

All educators, including (but not limited to) classroom teachers, principals/assistant principals, and instructional coaches.

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