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Transformative Collaboration: Five Commitments for Leading a PLC

There is consensus among the world’s leading educational researchers that a collaborative approach to practice is the best way for schools to achieve results and improve learning. Our authors and in-school specialists can help you to gain a deep understanding of what collaborative schools are, what’s required to lead transformational change, how to grow relational trust and what structures and protocols are required to support high performance collaboration.

Workshops and In-School Support Services

Suggested formats:

  • Two consecutive days for a thorough overview of all session outcomes.
  • Multiple one-day sessions to go deeper with individual session outcomes.
  1. Workshop
  • Consider the five commitments leaders embrace with the goal of becoming a high-performing PLC
  • Learn how to create conditions where teachers can work collaboratively on all matters related to learning.
  • Discover how to realign school structures and cultures to be ‘learning centred’
  • Investigate approaches and strategies for increasing the professional dialogue amongst the stakeholders that student learning improvement depends upon.
  • Walk away with the key thinking and actions required to lead the PLC process in your school
  1. Interactive webinars – Tailored sessions to meet the specific needs of the school leadership team
  1. In-school Coaching Support – Our experts can work with the school leadership team to support the school’s implementation goals and priorities.

Who should attend?

School leadership teams.

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