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Teachers as Architects of Learning

Based on the book, Teachers as Architects of Learning, this work outlines twelve evidence-based constructs for learning, including up to one hundred strategies and approaches for teachers to use. The aim of this work is to assist teachers in becoming students of their own practice through committing to deliberate practice, eliciting support from colleagues and by monitoring the impact of their teaching. It is designed to honour what the teacher currently does well while at the same time supporting them to discover blind spots in their practice that can be improved. The ultimate outcome is increased reflective practice among teachers and success in learning for students.

Workshops and In-School Support Services

Suggested formats: One or two days (for a thorough overview of all session outcomes two days is recommended).

  1. Workshop
  • Discover what shapes your teaching identity and how this relates to your development as a teacher.
  • Investigate the difference between embedded, visible and deliberate practice and what that means to your own development as a teacher.
  • Learn how to apply twelve constructs to create successful learning experiences including how to:
    • make effective use of time
    • develop safe and supportive classrooms
    • use successful questioning approaches
    • make the most of student feedback
    • connect meaningfully to a student’s lifeworld - the thinking, experiences, knowledge and skills a student brings to their learning from their life outside of school/class.
    • strengthen use of explicit instruction
  1. Interactive Webinars – Tailored sessions to focus on specific aspects from Teachers as Architects at Work as identified by the school/team
  1. Conference Keynotes/Breakouts – These may focus on specific areas such as:
  • The Identity of Learning Architects
  • How to Strengthen your Use of Explicit Instruction
  • Effective Strategies for Learning-Focused Teachers
  1. Intensive Action Learning Program – Teacher teams work together over three non-consecutive days through a process of self-discovery, commitment and action.  Through a process of action learning they identify, practice, refine and measure the impact of their own deliberate teaching practice while learning how to assist someone else in the development of their own.
  1. TAAL Lead Facilitator Program- Our authors/experts will work with your staff to lead the Teachers as Architects professional learning approach in your system or school. All successful participants will be certified to use the program approaches and materials to develop their own teacher development culture in their school.

Who should attend?

All educators, including (but not limited to) leadership teams, middle leaders, classroom teachers, instructional coaches and mentors, team teachers.

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