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Indigenous STEM

Australia’s First Nations Peoples are not only the world’s longest continuous living culture, but also the first creative scientists. Through experimentation, curiosity, critical thinking and experiential learning, Indigenous Australians have an ever-evolving understanding of the world in which they live.

These skills led to the development of what are now considered STEM skills. How did Indigenous Australians utilise Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics?

This workshop explores a range of Indigenous STEM technologies, beginning with Indigenous Astronomy.

The Indigenous Starwheel consists of a map of the southern skies as perceived by a range of Indigenous Nations across Australia, showing Indigenous constellations at different times of year, and a number of stories from Indigenous Nations told by an Indigenous Elder.

The stories demonstrate not only the social importance of the night sky, but also the application of STEM skills.

Workshops and In-School Support Services

Suggested formats:

  • 2-hour teacher workshop – suitable for teachers of all subjects. Integrating Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander knowledges into the curriculum.
  • Student workshops range from two to four hours, bespoke to school needs. Units of work can be developed in conjunction with teachers.

Workshops facilitated by Dr Tim Patston integrate the General Capabilities of Literacy, Numeracy and Critical and Creative Thinking, and the Cross-Curriculum Capabilities of sustainability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures.

  1. Professional learning services include:
  • Introduction to teaching Indigenous STEM
  • Integrating Indigenous STEM into Curriculum Descriptors
  1. Workshops & In-School Support
  • Students explore: Indigenous Creativity – Dispositions and Problem Solving
  • Indigenous Science, including ecosystems, astronomy, Indigenous plants and medicines
  • What is technology? Indigenous Technologies, including Food Technology, Fire Technology, Aquaculture, Weapon Technology
  • Exploring natural phenomena through storytelling. Why is the Indigenous tradition of oral transfer of knowledge so important?

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