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Become a High Reliability Teacher

The Marzano Resources High Reliability Teacher (HRT) program encourages and celebrates teacher effectiveness. The multileveled HRT certification process recognises the advancement of a teacher’s pedagogical skills and knowledge in three specific areas:

  • Effective Use of Instructional Strategies
  • Student Learning
  • Valid and Rigorous Feedback

Course overview

The HRT program includes three levels of certification and four online courses:

Level 1, Course 1: Foundation of Instructional Strategies

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand and implement a framework of instruction
  • Create unit lesson plans and daily lesson plans aligned to the framework of instruction
  • Complete a self-assessment and create growth goals
  • Administer student pre- and post-surveys aligned to growth goals
  • Engage in deliberate practice with growth goals
  • Implement a student self-actualisation project or a project that connects students to something greater than themselves

Level 1, Course 2: Reflection of Instructional Strategies

Learning Outcomes:

  • Provide evidence of effective instruction by submitting and reflecting on video recordings of your instruction
  • Create unit lesson plans and daily lesson plans aligned to the model of instruction
  • Provide self-assessment scores for video recorded lessons
  • Compare self-assessment scores to certification reviewer scores
  • Explain how teacher actions are impacting student learning

Please note: Levels 1 and 2 may be completed simultaneously. Some educators prefer this option as the data gathered for Level 1 supports the work in Level 2

Level 2, Course 3: Student Learning

Learning Outcomes:

  • Provide evidence that measurement topics and proficiency scales are in place
  • Provide evidence that assessments are aligned to those scales
  • Demonstrate overall growth of the class
  • Report growth of each student with a corresponding explanation of growth
  • Provide an intervention plan for students who did not demonstrate adequate growth

Level 3, Course 4: Valid and Rigorous Feedback

Learning Outcomes:

  • Track assessment reliability with the use of an online tool
  • Describe and explain the level of reliability exhibited by the assessment
  • Demonstrate that student results based on proficiency scales correlate to state or other external tests
  • Report growth of each student with a corresponding explanation of growth
  • Describe the summative scores used to correlate to the state or other external tests

HRT empowers educators to:

  • Focus on continuous improvement.
  • Grow professionally in instruction, assessment, and feedback.
  • Improve student achievement.
  • Develop expertise.

Who should participate in the HRT certification process?

HRT is most beneficial for practising teachers who have classroom experience. In addition, participants should be open to implementing Dr. Robert J. Marzano’s The New Art and Science of Teaching instructional framework in their classrooms.

What are the benefits of participating in the HRT program?

  • Receive detailed feedback regarding your instruction
  • Increase your competence in instructional practice
  • Become a teacher leader
  • Further your understanding of assessment literacy

Does HRT align with the AITSL Standards?

Yes, particularly Professional Knowledge and Professional Practice

Does HRT replace Lead or High Accomplished Teacher accreditation through AITSL?

No, however the evidence collected, and activities completed might contribute to the process.

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