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A Framework for Understanding Poverty

Provides tools for educators working with children from varied economic realities. It gives practical strategies for improving relationships with and the learning opportunities of students.

There is a focus on communication that brings new understandings of the language and communication styles we need to use to build meaningful and respectful relationships with students and parents.

In an educational setting, both teaching and learning can be challenging. For students to achieve, educators must understand their ‘hidden rules’. Rules that because they are hidden, prove to be a major stumbling block for students from  vulnerable economic backgrounds.

Education has moved to embrace the impacts of trauma and teachers now have a deeper understanding of the science of learning. This work broadens peoples understanding of what underpins many important initiatives. New understandings provided by the work augment these directions in current education.

A Framework for Understanding Poverty has been embraced by schools and school networks across Australia as a way to bring about collaboration and shared understanding within their unique communities.

Workshops and In-School Support Services

Suggested formats: A one workshop

  1. Workshop
  • Presents “ten actions to educate” for classroom teachers to practice to improve learning and help students to connect, each action gives practical strategies that classroom teachers can use. These “actions” make learning accessible and are a boon to classroom practice.
  • Advises school leaders and teachers on how to be well informed on the economic reality of the community in which they work.
  • Opens up discussions because of a deeper understanding of what is meant by resources and resourceful behaviours. This strength based approach invites educators to discuss the resources that each child brings.
  • Learn practical strategies for improving relationships with, and the learning opportunities of, students who are socially and/or financially vulnerable.
  • The workbook A Framework for Understanding Poverty serves as a training manual in the seminars and includes chapters on relationship building within school communities.
  1. Train the Trainer
  • Participants are permitted to present Framework for Understanding Poverty through a limited license agreement for users employed by a Permitted Institution only.
  • “Permitted Institutions” includes only the individual school campus, or other institution/agency that is the trainer’s principal employer at the time of Certification or for which they principally act as an independent contractor at the time of Certification.
  • This training is open ONLY to people who have recently completed a whole day workshop

Who should attend?

Primary and Secondary principals, year level coordinators, curriculum coordinators, classroom teachers, school welfare staff, school nurses, school support staff and teacher aides.

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