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Reduce your workload and improve student learning

Providing helpful feedback and creating meaningful assessment tasks, all while keeping up with correction and managing a successful work-life balance are some of the biggest challenges of teaching. Fast and Effective Feedback and Assessment presents practical strategies for balancing these demands, offering teachers fast, formative strategies for providing feedback and assessing student performance in the time-poor environment of the everyday classroom.

Ready to make feedback and assessment work for you? Read the introduction to Fast and Effective Assessment: How to Reduce Your Workload and Improve Student Learning.

Workshops and In-School Support Services

Rely on our qualified experts and authors to help you develop and deepen your classroom assessment and feedback knowledge. We will help you move your teachers — and your classroom — ahead in knowledge, understanding and skill.

Professional learning services include:

  • Workshops and interactive webinars
  • In-School Support

Workshop and In-School Support Outcomes

Participants will explore:

  • strategies for accelerating the speed at which you mark work
  • strategies for giving and receiving feedback so that student mistakes can be addressed quickly in class, rather thran through laborious written correction
  • methods for reducing the volume and extent of your correction
  • techniques for encouraging students to take a more active role in the feedback process and to more readily act on your assessment advice so that your time spent marking has maximum impact
Glen Pearsall at the Thinking & Learning Conference 2019

Bring Fast and Effective Assessment author Glen Pearsall to your school for a workshop, or for in-school support.

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