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Collaborative Teams That Work

Collaborative Teams That Work outlines the 12 essential actions of a cycle of learning carried out by highly successful collaborative teams that have embraced the four critical questions of PLC at Work®. Implemented through each cycle of learning (unit of work), these actions provide teams with a roadmap to ensure students and teachers benefit from the learning their collaborative efforts bring.

Collaborative Teams That Work and the associated 12 actions ensure that the work of the team continually enhances individual and collective teaching practice through job-embedded action research. The 12 key actions that underpin this work guarantee that each meeting becomes a focused professional learning experience for every team member, supporting and enhancing their shared responsibility for the learning of the students they serve.

Workshops and In-School Support Services

Suggested formats

  • One or two days (for a thorough overview of all session outcomes two days is recommended).
  • Multiple one-day sessions to go deeper with individual components of the process.
  • One or two-day sessions specific to the needs of the school in relation to their collaborative team process
  1. Workshop

In this workshop key information and tips are shared to create a bridge between the PLC research and what it looks like in schools. Participants will learn about the 12 evidence-based actions collaborative teams must take to truly transform both teacher and student learning. Attendees leave the day with a blueprint for collaborative teams to use in their ongoing efforts to transform learning for students and teachers back in school.


  • Learn the actions required for teams to address the critical PLC questions.
  • Discover the true work and focus of high-performing collaborative teams.
  • Investigate 12 actions and their associated tasks and apply them to your current work as teams.
  • Equip yourself with a clear process for planning and conducting collaborative team meetings that honour the work that will bring about increased results
  • Develop insights into how to overcome the common challenges associated with working as a collaborative team
  1. Interactive webinars – Tailored sessions to focus on specific aspects of the collaborative team process to meet the needs of the school or a general overview of the process.
  1. In School Support - Collaborative Teams Observation Program – A highly structured and defined process for observing collaborative teams in action in order to provide them with specific feedback that supports their current reality and shapes their future direction.

Who should attend?

All educators, including (but not limited to) school based collaborative teams, principals/assistant principals, team leaders, classroom teachers and support staff.

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