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Partner with Hawker Brownlow Education to deliver quality professional learning facilitated by our expert team of associates and authors. Whether your scope is for a one-day workshop or an ongoing, multi-year professional learning program, we offer a professional learning service that will help you reach your goals in key topic areas.

Workshops and interactive webinars

Personalised professional learning. Develop skills and strategies tailored to your school’s unique implementation needs and questions. Receive targeted advice, strategies, tools, and techniques that equip your staff with solutions that impact student learning.

In-school coaching support

A guide for your school improvement journey. Provides schools with access to expert practitioners who can facilitate high levels of dialogue with teams of educators to clarify, analyse, explore and plan the range of possibilities available to achieve the individual school’s implementation goals and priorities. Support includes personalised coaching, critical friend, and mentoring.

Long-term services

Support transformative, lasting improvement. Long-term services map out a comprehensive plan for success. Our team will work with you to define your needs, your goals, and your non-negotiables. We can work within your budget and timeline to show you how to integrate diverse resources—on-site professional learning, interactive webinars, books and videos, coaching, and more—into a cohesive plan.

Network programs

Come together as a network to work as a learning community. Network programs provide a solid foundation for school leadership teams to establish and drive a strong improvement agenda for the school grounded in evidence from research and practice. This program requires a minimum of five schools working together.


Revitalise your school improvement efforts. Kick off a series of breakout sessions with an energising keynote on a targeted topic or lay the foundation for a new professional learning initiative. Keynotes are typically 90 minutes in length.

Professional Learning Guide 2023

Explore Hawker Brownlow Education's tailored professional learning solutions in our comprehensive Professional Learning Guide for 2023. From one-day workshops to longer-term professional development covering a range of topics, we've got a solution to suit your professional learning goals. Click below to browse the PL Guide or to order your free print copy.

Topic areas

Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities at Work®

Professional Learning Communities at Work

Building a PLC is increasingly recognised as the most powerful strategy for real school improvement.

Response to Intervention at Work™

Response to Intervention at Work

 Provide every child with the additional time and support they need to succeed in school with RTI at Work™.

Collaborative Teams That Transform Schools

Collaborative Teams That Transform Schools

A practical, comprehensive model for implementing high-performing professional learning communities.


Transformative Collaboration

Learn and adopt the five critical commitments that will lead your transformation as a PLC

Collaborative Teams That Work

Enhance your team with the 12 actions of a cycle of learning that embrace the four critical questions of PLC at Work®.

Marzano Resources

High Reliability

Marzano Resources

Recognise the advancement of a teacher’s pedagogical skills and knowledge in three specific areas.

The New Art & Science of Teaching

The New Art and Science of Teaching

A powerful framework for substantive change based on 50 years of research and observation.

High Reliability

High Reliability Schools

A comprehensive improvement model for schools based on five progressive levels of reliability.

Other Professional Learning Areas

Bridges Out
of Poverty

Develop a new understanding of the economic realities of children and families and their effect on behaviour.


Cognitive Coaching

Think more deeply about your teaching practice to enhance efficacy and improve student learning.


Through sustainable, incremental change, integrate creativity into your curriculum to meet the demands of the 21st century.


Differentiated Instruction

Create truly effective, brain-friendly classrooms that successfully respond to the needs of all learners.

Fast and Effective Assessment

Fast and Effective Assessment and Feedback

Discover strategies to balance meaningful assessment and feedback with the demands of the classroom.

A Framework for Understanding Poverty

Develop a new understanding of the economic realities of children and families and their effect on behaviour.


Learn to refine and embed the Future-Focused Learning framework using the 10 essential shifts of practice.

Igniting STEM

Design and develop a whole-school system thinking approach to develop a well-planned STEM program.


Explore a range of Indigenous STEM technologies, beginning with Indigenous Astronomy.

Teachers as Architects of Learning

Increase reflective practice using 12 evidence-based constructs for learning, including up to one hundred strategies and approaches.


Develop strategies for teaching thinking skills and promoting a collaborative classroom environment.

by Design®

Understanding by Design

A framework for planning and structuring curriculum, assessment and instruction in the classroom.

Using and Leading Data in Schools

Using and Analysing Data for Schools

Build your classroom data literacy and discover the power of data as a driver of student learning.

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