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Take control of your professional learning with Global PD Teams

A catalyst for continuous school improvement

Equip the teachers in your school with the skills and knowledge to ensure all students learn at high levels. With Global PD Teams, a single building license provides your entire faculty with real-time access to advice, direction, and strategies from experts you know and trust.

Benefits of Global PD Teams:

  • Provides every member of your team with access to the practical strategies and professional guidance in eight essential competencies
  • Delivers “just-in-time” learning through team-focused resources
  • Supplies staff development leadership with guided professional learning for the entire school year, whether you’re onboarding a new teacher or working with veteran staff

Target collective skill building in eight essential competencies

Build a collaborative culture committed to learning for all

Approach MTSS with collective responsibility focused on learning and results

Be an agent for positive, lasting change

Support high levels of learning with research-affirmed strategies

Design assessments that fully support student equity, engagement, and personalised growth

Bring your best self to your students and colleagues each day

Ensure your school community is informed, empowered, and celebrated

Create opportunities for meaningful connections to classroom content


Assess and grow in focused skill areas

Self-paced, easy-to-use, and relevant to your daily work, mini-courses offer teachers a convenient way to gain competency in essential content. Administrators will value the ability to measure professional growth as teachers complete assigned quizzes. In addition, mini-courses are a great tool for building shared knowledge quickly in new teacher training.

Use mini-courses to:

  • Get new teachers up to speed in key content areas
  • Enhance team learning and demonstrate professional growth
  • Learn at your own pace


Quality content served up in a series

Your team knows best where there is opportunity to improve. With our playlist feature, you can create a series of videos to support your collaborative progress. Build customised playlists to meet the strengths, skills, needs, and interests of your entire team or create a personal playlist to further your own professional growth. We also offer ready-made playlists we think your team will love.

Use playlists to:

  • Plan team learning around a focus based on collective strengths and needs
  • Create personalised learning for your own professional growth
  • Build your own list of favourites or grab one of our pre-made playlists
  • Stick with one essential competency or mix and match from all eight topics

eBooks and AllThingsPLC Magazine

Dive into books and articles to deepen your learning

Your learning library doesn’t stop with videos. You will also have convenient access to more than 100 eBooks from authors you know and trust. Plus, explore select issues of our AllThingsPLC Magazine. This popular periodical offers a unique mix of inspiration, insight, how-tos, and tips for establishing and maintaining a high-achieving professional learning community.

Use eBooks and AllThingsPLC Magazine to:

  • Plan a book study
  • Deepen team understanding in key topic areas
  • Build your personal professional knowledge base
  • Share new ideas and insights with building leaders

We’ve rebuilt Global PD to help you improve your teams

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